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Technical Support Resources from AppleCare
Follow the step-by-step instructions in your computer's help system. From the desktop menu, open the Help menu and choose Mac Help or Help Center.


Search through thousands of comprehensive technical articles in the Knowledge Base.

Join a community of experienced Apple customers who assist oneanother in Discussions.

Get product information and answers to frequently asked questions in Product Pages.


Download software updates, utilities, and full software installers from Featured Software.

Browse the large selection of Apple manuals available for download from Apple Manuals.

Extend your built-in coverage to three years of world-class support with AppleCare Protection Plan.

Find a needed item among Apple's easy-to-install parts and accessories in Customer-Installable Parts.

Read about service and support options for Apple's professional products in Applecare Overview.


.Mac does not provide support via email, but active .Mac members can find several online support options in the Members Only support section within .Mac. The AppleCare knowledge base and public discussion forums are also available for all .Mac members, including trial members.

The online .Mac support site for members includes online Help, links to the billing support form, links to technical support discussion forums moderated by Apple, and much more.

The AppleCare support site maintains an extensive knowledge base of support articles, public discussion forums that can be accessed by both active .Mac members and trial members, and much more. You can access the .Mac section of the public support site at the following URL: http://www.info.apple.com/usen/dotmac/

Subscribe to Apple Support Update: Available daily and weekly. To subscribe, visit Apple Support Updates. Click daily or weekly Update.

Contact Miss Mac for Troubleshooting, Maintenance or Tutoring: Whether you choose to be a do-it-yourselfer or not, you should periodically subject your system to evaluation, maintenance, tune-up or needed tech repairs, unless of course you are practically a Mac tech yourself.

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