Should I upgrade to Big Sur Mac OS 11?

DON'T RUSH is Miss Mac's Opinion Big Sur has real MAJOR changes

I know that new stuff is cool, and double that when it's free, but unless there is a feature, you need to have, there's no reason to rush into upgrading to Big Sur.

If your system is critical, then it might be a good idea to hold back on upgrading. After all, it's not like Big Sur is a limited resource. If you don't upgrade today, it'll still be there when you decide you're ready, complete with patches and and the typical bug-fixes.

To be honest with you, Big Sur is going to really slow down your computer if it is an older model. Unless there is something you absolutely need in the new Operating System, I wouldn't upgrade. You can call me if your aren't sure how old your computer is. If it is newer, I'd probably give Big Sur a while to mature before installing it.

Sometimes it is best to slow down to go fast.

Apple no longer has earlier operating systems available to download, but if you wish to upgrade without going to the latest, Miss Mac has all older system installs and will upgrade you to the appropriate OS. We can speak further if you wish. 415-454-7253


And How do I tell which model I have?

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