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What is a Mailer Daemon?

From the mythological meaning, later rationalised as the acronym "Disk And Execution MONitor" A program that is not invoked explicitly, but lies dormant waiting for some conditions to occur.

So What is This Daemon E-mail I am Receiving?

Miss Mac Will Simplify the Mailer Daemon Message

A Mailer Daemon means that the Postman has brought you back the same letter you tried to send out because he can't find the person you were trying to deliver it to.  Plain and simple. 

Most Mailer Daemons look like this:

Most of the time a Mailer Daemon can occur when you put an E-Mail address in wrong.  If you send an E-Mail to
misssmacccomputer@aol.com the message will go out and with the extra "s" and too many "c's" it will come right back with a Mailer Daemon. Click on my mail link above and test this out for yourself.
A big tip is to double check who you are sending it to and make sure you put that in correctly.

Now... in Technical Terms

Pronounced demon or damon, a process that runs in the background and performs a specified operation at predefined times or in response to certain events. If you have Microsoft Office, it has a program running all the time that is call Microsoft Office AU Daemon. AU (automatic update) Daemon (checking periodically and automatically for those updates). Your daemon email response is technically a message was created automatically by mail delivery software (i.e. Exim).
The term daemon is a
UNIX term, though many other operating systems provide support for daemons, and they're sometimes called other names.
Typical daemon processes include print spoolers, e-mail handlers, and other programs that perform administrative tasks for the operating system. The term comes from Greek mythology, where daemons (or demons) were guardian spirits.

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