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Browsers for OSX


Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31st, 2005, and will provide no further security or performance updates. I am sure you are noticing that Internet Explorer doesn't work as efficiently as it used to as a browser. Miss Mac recommends that you migrate to more recent web browsing technologies.

If you have a new machine, it came with the latest version of Safari. Safari is the new browser produced by Apple. It is the default browser for Apples latest Operating System OS X (OS Ten). They boast that it offers you a superior Web experience with outstanding performance. Even the most complex of pages load at breakneck speed. In fact, Safari loads pages more quickly than any other Mac Web browser. But that's not all. Safari uses the advanced interface technologies underlying Mac OS X to offer you an all-new view of the Web, one that's much easier to use. Miss Mac recommends Safari highly provided your computer is capable of handling the new system. Check for operating system X requirements on my OSX Page. You can download Safari 1.2 here. Software update and Apple will automatically update Safari along with its other updates.

You have other alternatives also. There are many browsers out there. They all take you to the internet and they can all be set to open to your favorite page and everyone of them will allow you to get your mail remotely.
If you want the latest versions of Netscape , you can download Netscape 7.2 here. It will start the download automatically.

Another is Opera. It too has a very pleasant look. It has had many updates but the most recent is Opera 8.5.1. You can download Opera 8.5.4 here. It will take you to the page when you can choose download now.

Mozilla has two Browsers, one name Mozilla and the other Firefox. Download Mozilla v1.7.13 here. Miss Mac highly recommends Firefox. You can download Firefox v1.5 here

The American Online version for OSX is much better than Version 5 used in OS9. You will be be very happy with AOL's browser for OSX. Download AOL here.

Regardless of which browser application you use, be sure to install plug-ins. See my Mac Glossary for a better understanding of plug-ins. I have all the latest plug-ins on disks and can help you with those as well. If any of this is confusing to you. I can come over and we can install a variety of browsers for your web enjoyment. Remember I am always available to answer any of your questions. Call me at (415) 454-7253.

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Updated 1/26/06