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Miss Mac endorses the purchase of the Apple Protection Plan.

It makes per
fect sense because it provides unlimited access to Apple's comprehensive, award-winning support.
Without this plan, each call after the complimentary phone support would cost you $49.

The AppleCare Protection Plan extends the service and support coverage for a desktop or portable Mac to three years from the computer's purchase date. This comprehensive plan includes expert telephone assistance, global repair coverage, onsite repairs for desktop computers, web-based support resources, and powerful diagnostic tools-all for one economical price.

The AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod extends the service and support coverage for an iPod and its included accessories to two years from the iPod purchase date.

Get Peace of Mind For Your Investment


Peace Of Mind for your Portable Digital Music Experience.
The iPod and iTunes redefine what digital music should be: great audio on a superlight device, fast download speeds, and ample storage for your music collection. Now, with the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod, you can besure that your music will play on.

Every iPod comes with complimentary single-incident phone support
within 90 days and one year of hardware service coverage. The AppleCare
Protection Plan for iPod extends service and support coverage to two years
from the iPod purchase date. The plan covers the iPod (and iPod battery),
included accessories such as headphones, and iTunes (Mac or Windows).

M9859LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for Mac mini* $149
M8851LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for iMac $169
M8850LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for Power Mac* $249
M8852LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for iBook $249
M8853LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for MacBook Pro/PowerBook* $349
MA358LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for Apple Display $99
M9404LL/A AppleCare Protection Plan for iPod $59

* For Mac mini, Power Mac, and MacBook Pro/PowerBook, customers can also enroll one
Apple display for coverage, provided the Mac and display are purchased together.

Product specifications, prices, and availability are
subject to change without notice.

You may purchase this plan within th first year of purchase, however coverage is retroactive back to the date of purchase so you get the maximum benefit if you get it from the start. If you have any further questions, contact Miss Mac 454-7253.

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