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Located in San Rafael, California
Serving Marin County since 1992
Office Phone: (415) 454-7253

Some in-home services have resumed. Miss Mac offers
remote computer support which does resolve most issues.

Whether you choose to be a do-it-yourselfer or not, you should periodically
have Miss Mac check your system for maintenance, tune-up or needed tech repairs,
even if you are practically a Mac techician yourself.

Upgrade to Sonoma OS 14?
Miss Mac's Opinion
What works with what?

Concerns about the iPhone and about iCloud are whether your computer will be compatible. Your Mac will tell you which OS you have. See below. 

Sonoma 14 System Requirements(Released 9/26/23)
Ventura 13 System Requirements (Released 10/24/22)

Monterey 12 System Requirements (Released 10/25/21

Big Sur 11 System Requirements (Released 11/12/20

Catalina 10.15 System Requirements (Released 9/29/19)

Mojave 10.14 system Requirements (Released 9/25/18)

How to find out what you currently have
Call Miss Mac if you need further clarification

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